Soupculture in Budějovice opened

On the 21st of November the second Soupculture in Czech Republic was open! This time in České Budějovice. 
For Lida Hrechanyuk and her husband Radik, this city is a lot like Chernivtsi in Ukraine. It is also not a big city with great architecture, but also in Budějovice you can find the most delicious beer – Budvar. You wouldn’t find it in Chernivtsi.

Lida with husband moved to Czechia from Ukraine more than 15 years ago. She was working as HR-manager and in 2015 she saw an article about Soupculture, tried the soups in Poland and got obsessed with the idea of opening one in Czechia.

Czechia, by the way, has pretty developed culture of soup. They like hot dishes and have traditional tasty bouillons, but usually consume them without bread. The one of the Czechia’s favorite and traditional soup is Česnečka – light garlic soup.

It is only a week since Soupculture opened in Budějovice, but there are already regular customers! Students from the local Czech school gave Soupculture 10/10 on their popular Instagram channel, where they review local cafes and restaurants. Other popular street food here is kebab and baked baguettes. But there’s one place that also serves soups (in paper cups, of course) – Polifkarna. They however add meat to some soups. 

Soupculture in Budějovice offers 3 soups a day – cheese, mushroom and soup of the day. Here, cheese soup is still less popular then lentil soup, unlike in many other Soupcultures. The price of the soups here – 70 korunas in average. Lida’s cooking is super delicious, she is really inspired. “I want our customers to feel comfort and eat tasty meals, so they would gladly come back to us”, - she says. 

Lida has lots of ideas, for example she negotiates with the local service - Sváča z kola, as they deliver food by bicycles. “They are 100% eco, so I believe it will be good cooperation”, - she smiles.

So let us wish all the best for Lida and Radik and congratulate them with the opening!